Monday, August 22, 2016

Offline and Online Relationships

When running a franchising business the greatest challenge owners’ face is being creative in their marketing campaign to the public. But thankfully when you promote their franchised product and/or services as a trusted member of any organization you will get the attention of the public without directly telling someone about the product. Audiences don’t want to be bombarded at all times by marketing and advertisements. When you integrate an advertisement campaign into an existing event not only will potential customers recall the franchise when they remember the event but it will provide them with information while they are doing something they enjoy.

Slot machines, casinos, and gaming all provide wonderful opportunities to make money easily and to have fun. When you want to go out with friends in town, you can enjoy endless entertainment by playing games at a physical casino, or having a themed party indoors when you play pokies online. Slot machines allow everyone to play their own games in a group setting, so no one has to worry about who owes what. Friends enjoy such socializing opportunities because they are the perfect chance to earn extra money almost literally from nothing. Playing a game means the chance to get together with friends and come away richer than when you left. 

Public WiFi and Mobile Coupons

Use the internet too

So, if you love slot machines, or you want to encourage certain slot machines in your area among comunity members or friends do so. Bring awareness to the local casino or slot machines so that when next your city or community group needs to set up a fundraiser or just a night out, they can pick your favorite place to have fun and earn exxtra money. They will be reminded of that upcoming outing and their chances to win. Go beyond your favorite franchises and support local companies like favorite casinos. Set up the casino company website as the home page when users log in to a public wifi system you own right before an upcoming social event. That way when users are at your place of business and they log in to use the public or free wifi they will be promoted with the website of the company you are endorsing.

Social Bookmarking

Use social bookmarking. You can bookmark something you like on the sites you already browse in your free time like de.lic.ious, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit. People are drawn to companies and networks based on the number of people who are either involved in that network already or the number of people who are involved in an opposing network within the same niche. By bookmarking information on your social media profiles you can draw attention to your participation in the network which will show others that people they know are involved and encourage them to get involved too.

Promote a picture of yourself with the product or after you used the service on Imgur or Reddit. You can take a before/after photo if the company you want to promote offered a service such as home repair or you can take a picture of your new product and post it on a site where many people will see it—even if they downvote it. You can add something in the comments section that has a link to the website you want to promote.



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